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White Mongoose Weaponry is here to make your firearm purchase an easy and smooth process. 


We take the extra steps for our customers and contact the FFL in your area for you.  All you have to do is pick up your firearm at your local FFL dealer and pay the transfer fee, which is usually around $30.  If you have a dealer of your choice please specify at the time of your order in the Comments section of the Delivery Information page otherwise we will do the work for you.

1. Pick your item, add to cart and order online using our secure shopping cart.  You pay us directly for the firearm.

2. When your item is ready, White Mongoose Weaponry will send you an email when the firearm ships to the local FFL dealer, which will include a tracking number.

3. White Mongoose Weaponry will send you another email when your item is ready for pick up at your local FFL dealer. They will charge a transfer fee and take care of the necessary paperwork to transfer the firearm.



Please know your individual state laws before purchasing any items from White Mongoose Weaponry LLC.  If you are not sure of your individual state laws, please e-mail us at 

There are absolutely NO RETURNS on loaded ammunition, powder, or primers. This is due to liability and insurance issues beyond our control. Please make sure you are buying exactly what you need. If you have any questions at all, check with one of our trained staff. 

Effective with all firearms sales after February 7th, 2005 federal and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) rules and regulations for the control and monitoring of firearms and transactions are extensive. Effective with all firearms sold after January 10th, 2005, we will charge a $15.00 fee on all firearms returned. This is to cover our cost for re-processing and re-logging under these new BATF regulations. Only UNFIRED, new in the box firearms may be returned. All manuals, warranty cards, locks, chokes etc. must be in the box with the firearm. All other return policies apply to returned firearms. 

We follow all Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) rules and regulations for the sale and transfer of firearms. The purchaser of the firearm(s) must be present to fill out all paperwork. If the purchaser does not reside within a reasonable driving distance of our location we will transfer the firearm(s) to a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder closer to their residence per BATFE regulations. Firearm(s), shipping costs, and transfer fees must be paid in full before the transfer takes place. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to notify us of whom the receiving FFL holder is, both this shop and the receiving FFL holder involved must be notified, and FFL’s must be exchanged before the firearm(s) is transferred. The purchaser is responsible for any fees the receiving FFL holder requests and the BATFE form 4473 must be filled out when the firearm(s) is picked up at the receiving FFL holder. When transferring a firearm the receiving FFL holder is required to follow the regulations for the state the purchaser resides in. If we are aware that your state does not allow the sale of the gun you want, we WILL NOT ship it to you.  

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to know the regulations of the state, county, and city they reside in. We are not currently shipping firearms to the state of California. 

All firearms sales conducted through our website are final. If there is any problem with a firearm transferred to us from another FFL holder reparations are the responsibilities of the original FFL holder not this shop. 

Conversely when we do accept transfers from other FFL holders, all the above regulations apply.